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Nigel Payne got in touch to tell us about his road accident, and how his Roadskin Taranis Elite motorcycle jeans quite literally saved his skin and prevented more serious injuries.

One rainy evening in early November, Nigel was driving down a dark and muddy country road off the A27 near Fontwell, West Sussex, when he spotted a rabbit and swerved to avoid it. As he slammed on the brakes, the back wheel of his Yamaha R6 skidded off to the left. He was thrown off, slid for around three to four metres along the tarmac road, and sustained multiple injuries, including breaks to his ribs, collarbone and shoulder blade. It was his first motorbike accident.

Nigel takes up the story of his motorcycle accident and how our AAA rated motorcycle jeans saved his legs from injury

‘I was stuck by the side of the road. I couldn’t move,’ he says. ‘Luckily, the people in the car behind me stopped to help and stayed with me. They were brilliant, although they couldn’t really hear me, and they weren’t able to move me. It took one and a half hours for the ambulance - and the pain relief - to turn up.’ 

Motorcycle Jeans save rider from injury

When the paramedics arrived, they had to cut off Nigel’s motorcycle jeans by the roadside in order to ascertain his injuries. ‘The ambulance guy couldn’t believe that I had no breaks to my legs,’ he explains. ‘It was 100% because of my Roadskin motorcycle jeans, which only had a small mark on them. My legs were protected - most obviously from abrasion, because I slid some distance along the road. I just had one very small scab and my road rash was practically zero. The jeans also cushioned the impact. I was wearing the knee armour, which to be honest I don’t always do - but if I hadn’t, I’d have had a broken kneecap, without a doubt. If only my jacket had stood up to the impact of the crash as well as my jeans. I’m definitely going to be getting a Roadskin hoodie.’

Motorcycle after the crash

Nigel is making a good, steady recovery after four days in hospital. He says, ‘I have four broken ribs, a broken collarbone and a broken shoulder blade. The collarbone and shoulder blade are going to take six to eight weeks to heal. My broken ribs will be more like eight to ten weeks. Breathing is painful, and I can’t move my right arm easily, but I’m on the mend. I’m looking forward to getting back on my bike - when it’s fixed. It needs a bit of work, too.’

Why buy Roadskin protective motorcycle jeans?

Roadskin is a UK label specialising in cool, protective outerwear for motorcyclists. Our premium motorcycle jeans are among the best in the business and modern fabric technologies mean that they offer protection comparable to that of leather trousers. 

Nigel was wearing our very latest motorcycle jeans, the AAA-safety rated, single-layer Taranis Elite. These triple-stitched jeans, available in black and dark indigo, are smart enough for work, tough enough for the workshop, stylish enough for the pub - and will give you maximum protection against abrasion and impact injuries in the event of an accident. Find out more and check out our five-star reviews for our motorcycle jeans. You can also contact us anytime. Our friendly team will be delighted to help you find the right bike jeans for you.

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