Motorcycle Armoured Hoodies - Look good, stay safe - Roadskin

Motorcycle Armoured Hoodies - Look good, stay safe

Armoured motorcycle hoodies are growing fast in popularity. Often paired with motorcycle jeans, a bike hoodie can round off the casual, cool biker look while also offering optimum protection in the event of an accident. Our armoured hoodies look just like your favourite hoodie, but utilise the latest fabric technologies to make them highly protective, abrasion- and tear-resistant. All of our motorbike hoodies come complete with armour (back, shoulders and elbows).

Roadskin® is one of the UK’s leading brands of protective motorcycle clothing.

We design stylish clothing and accessories for bikers to achieve the optimal balance between fashion and safety. Our Maximite® hoodie for motorbikes combines strength, style and comfort to be wearable all day, every day – on and off the bike. Roadskin® is not a typical company that looks to profit first - we are a small, family-run UK company and we all ride motorbikes. We genuinely care about the products we sell and the welfare of our fellow bikers.