Customer Stories - How Roadskin Motorcycle Jeans Have Helped Avoid Injuries

Story from Kevin:

"So my girlfriend was getting ready to sit her mod 1 test so we went out on a route I knew. We were heading up a twisty B road at 50mph when my bike just went from underneath me. I came down on my left and slid @30m in total. The police measured a diesel spill at between 440-500m. I slid so far I wore through the elbows & a shoulder on my leather jacket. I had a few bumps & bruises but not a mark below the waist. The jeans are slightly frayed on the seam & shiny around the left knee. I was really impressed with how they stood up & wouldn't wear any other brand now. Keep the good kit coming!"


Story from Steve:

"I have had your jeans for a few years now I have also got my 2 boy's wearing them .

8 years ago my eldest boy at 17 crashed at 60 mph the jean's were trashed but the lining and my sons skin was ok.

I would never go anywhere else."