Motorcycle Jeans - CE A to AAA Rated, single skin to fully lined - Roadskin®

Motorcycle Jeans - CE A to AAA Rated, single skin to fully lined

Roadskin is one of the UK’s leading brands of protective motorcycle jeans, from single skin to fully lined ranges, supplied with armour. We design jeans for every type of motorbike riding, from short hops around the city to long-distance treks, to achieve the perfect balance of weight, comfort and safety. Our Taranis Elite, City, Paranoid and Easyrider motorcycle jeans look just like your favourite pair but utilise the latest fabric technology, including aramid, to create highly protective, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant and armoured motorcycle jeans to help keep our customers safe on the bike.

Why choose Motorbike Jeans from Roadskin?

Motorcycle jeans have become an indispensable item in every biker's wardrobe, especially during the sunnier, warmer months. Wearing motorbike jeans is a cool, no-fuss and relaxed look that will take you right through the day - from commute to work to the pub and home again - without changing your outfit. Our customers wear our jeans out on the bike every day because they are their favourite jeans. And, of course, the levels of protection that the best modern armoured jeans can now offer are comparable to leather. Roadskin is not a typical company that looks to profit first - we are a small, family-run UK company and we all ride motorbikes. We genuinely care about the products we sell and the welfare of our fellow bikers.