Roadskin Motorcycle Base Layer - Men's Turtle Neck Long Sleeve

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This motorcycle long sleeve base layer with a turtle neck is the perfect combination of style and technical excellence to help any male motorcyclist keep comfortable, whatever the temperature. It provides optimum protection from cold and extreme weather conditions thanks to the special HotWeave brushed technical fabric.

In hot weather, our base layers help to wick away sweat and keep riders cool. This is important because sweat can make riders uncomfortable and can also lead to chafing. In cold weather, they help to trap heat and keep you warm.

This product is designed and made in Italy by UNDER SHIELD®, a premier Italian manufacturer of technically advanced clothing. Roadskin® have collaborated with UNDER SHIELD®  to deliver our customers the ultimate in base layers and associated gear.

Base Layer Details

This motorcycle base layer for men is made from a special C.E.F. performance fabric that is both breathable and moisture-wicking, so you'll stay dry and comfortable when you're on the road and active. 

The Polypropylene DRYARN® fibres guarantee body temperature maintenance while also drawing sweat away to the surface of the fabric. The lightweight OpenWork fabric and particularly sweat-prone parts of the body (armpits, chest, and back) encourage ventilation and limit the accumulation of moisture within the garment. Seamless construction and raised fibres that contour the body's curves ensure a comfortable fit and unrestricted movement.

This motorcycle base layer is also STANDARD 100 by OEKO TEX® CERTIFIED, which means it is free of harmful chemicals and meets the highest standards for safety and sustainability.

If you're looking for a base layer that will keep you comfortable and dry, no matter what you're doing, riding or otherwise, the Roadskin Men's Turtle Neck Long Sleeve Base Layer is a great choice.

Technical Features & Benefits


When wearing UNDER SHIELD®. garments, the fluctuation in body heat caused by physical activity is three times less volatile compared to polyester garments, maintaining a steady, comfortable temperature.


Carbon Energised Technology can lower the heart rate by 4 beats per minute compared to polyester.


UNDER SHIELD® garments help improve respiratory efficiency, reducing oxygen intake requirements by 3 litres per minute on average.


Fabric with Carbon Energised Technology can reduce the production of lactic acid in capillary blood by up to 12% compared to other garments.


Seamless garment construction protects the body and supports muscles in strategic points while leaving you unrestricted and free to move in every direction.


The wicking of sweat away from the body keeps skin dry, ensuring that bacteria don't build up, thanks to the unique composition of CEF fabric.


UNDER SHIELD® garments wick sweat away from the skin, drawing it along the material's fibers. Once perspiration reaches the surface of the fabric, it evaporates quickly and efficiently.