Motorcycle Armoured Hoodie - Easyrider I

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Roadskin® Maximite® Motorcycle Single Skin Hoodie - Easyrider I

**This product has now been replaced by the Easyrider II Armoured Motorcycle Hoodie and has been discontinued**

The only motorcycle hoodie of its type in the world to be awarded a CE protection certificate, as tested by SATRA Technology Centre in the UK. This armoured motorbike Roadskin® hoodie is 100% constructed from a single skin of super-strong Maximite®. It is extremely tough and lightweight and comes complete with a waterproof membrane, making it the ultimate CE-passed hooded jacket for motorbike riders, and easy to wear all year round for everyday casual riding. The Easyrider hoodie is only available online. 

Motorcycle Hoodie technical details:

  • This protective biker hoodie has passed the new CE Impact, Abrasion and Tear tests at CE 17092 at AA and is fully certified.
  • It has also passed CE outer-seam strength at the same level and also CE tear strength at the highest zone level of AA everywhere.
  • The material has passed EN388 CUT/SLASH at Level 2 and Puncture/Stab at Level 3. The tests were carried out using Maximite® as the outer material with mesh lining and waterproof membrane.
  • Detachable hood, so can also be used as a lightweight, hood-less jacket.
  • Includes free CE level 2 Impact Memory Foam back, shoulders and elbows. (colour supplied may vary)

More about Maximite®

Maximite® is a state-of-the art fabric that has achieved the new CE at AA level in one single lightweight but strong layer.

Maximite® allows us to produce lighter, authentic products that are not necessarily record-breaking and therefore heavy, but are comfortable, wearable and responsive to the needs of normal domestic motorcycle riding. The aim is to be strong enough but light enough to be worn comfortably everyday throughout the seasons. Riders can add layers such as jumpers in cold weather. In summer months, the Roadskin® Hoodie can be worn with a minimum of layers, making this an economical, all-year round top for easy riding. 

Roadskin®'s new Maximite® hoodie for motorbike riders has passed the new CE en17092 physical tests for impact-abrasion and seam-tear tests.

Before riding

To ensure the elbow armour is in the correct position, grab hold of the cuffs, fully extend your arms, then release. This will ensure the elbow slips into the correct position, if it was not already.

Caring for your Roadskin product

We recommend washing on a cold or cool wash (20° or below), preferably by hand, using a non-biological detergent and then drip drying. DO NOT tumble dry. This helps to maintain the integrity of the cotton or denim, ensuring your product lasts longer. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a weakening of the product.


The Hoodie has a waterproof lining, however we recommend using an additional waterproof spray, such as Fabsil or Nikwax on the outer layer. The waterproof lining is sewn through as an integral part of the garment, so the seams need to be treated after a wash or heavy rain with Fabsil spray or equivalent.

Important information regarding armour

It is very important to wear armour with these products, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact injury, in the key areas, without armour.

Important information regarding CE testing

Beware of imitations. If a product is clearly stated as having full CE approval then it can be sold as motorcycle protective wear. If a product does not state a full CE approval and only the material has passed the test, then it is sold as durable leisurewear, not motorcycle protection wear.

Although Roadskin has always self-regulated, most companies making bike jeans have not. Due to this, European legislation has been enforced. All motorcycle clothing has now changed from leisurewear to protective wear by way of a new CE TEST PREN17092. All of our motorcycle PPE products have been put through this rigorous testing and the level of protection achieved is outlined on each product. 

No product can fully guarantee against all types of injury. What we can guarantee is that we make the best products we possibly can, using the best materials to lessen the possibility.

* Colour of armour may vary from photograph

EU Customers and Taxes

Shopping from an EU country?

Roadskin Ltd. are registered for the IOSS Scheme (The Import One-Stop Shop). 

The IOSS means you are only charged VAT once, at the time of purchase, so there are no surprise fees to pay when the goods are delivered.  The IOSS threshold for goods is €150 net of costs (i.e the cost of your goods before VAT and shipping is added). The VAT rate will be the one applicable in the EU Member State where the goods are to be delivered. You will also not be liable for any import duties under this threshold.

For orders over €150 (before tax and shipping) we follow the Delivered Duty Paid (DDP) Incoterm model and collect customs duties in advance. This means that you, as the customer, are presented with the total price at checkout and therefore avoid any shipping delays. These duties are collected by Roadskin Limited and then paid to the recipient’s Member EU state via the carriers. This also stops any unexpected bills when your shipment is delivered.

SATRA Motorcycle Hoodie Testing

Since 21st April 2018 all motorcycle clothing has to be certified as PPE or Personal Protective Equipment by law.

Clothing is classified to different levels AAA being the most protective down to C being the least. Loosely speaking you can say that they are most suited to the type of riding below but always go for the highest if possible.  

  • AAA Motorways and higher speeds
  • AA Touring
  • A City or Urban use 30mph and below
  • B No armour so not advised
  • C Waste of time

This testing is done by certified bodies both here (we use SATRA) and abroad under the standard EN 17092-2.