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Roadskin customer Carol West contacted us the day after rolling her new Harley while travelling at 60mph. Incredibly, despite the impact of the fall and the slide along the tarmac, she came off pretty much unscathed – thanks partly to her protective Easyrider II Roadskin hoodie.

All Roadskin motorcycle clothing undergoes rigorous testing at the SATRA laboratory – but it’s incredibly gratifying to hear how our products perform in real-life accident scenarios. We couldn’t help but call Carol to find out all the details.

How did the accident happen?

“You could say I live and work motorcycles. I’m part of A Bike Thing, which sells high-end accessories and electronics for motorbikes to customers worldwide. Like the Roadskin team, we’re bikers ourselves. I was out for a ride with friends, heading north towards Melton on the A47. It was a dry and sunny Saturday, so road conditions were good. However, there was an ambulance with flashing blue lights up ahead, and it was unclear where it was heading. There was a lot of traffic weaving around and changing lanes. We were travelling at 60mph when a bike braked into my line. It clipped my pannier ever so slightly, and then everything happened in a split second – my bike rolled one way, and I rolled another, landing on my left side. I rolled three times, then slid to a halt. My bike ended up at the central reservation. The truck travelling behind us stopped and held back the traffic. I believe that saved my life.”

What are your injuries?

“I have a lot of bruises – my hands are black and blue – and a bit of road rash on my calf and a little hole in my knee. But amazingly, I have no broken bones. My Roadskin hoodie did its job, standing up to the impact of the crash and the slide. You can see where it’s melted in a few places due to the contact friction with the road. The paramedic who attended couldn’t believe it. He said, ‘You should get yourself some Kevlar,’ and I said, ‘This is Kevlar!’ People don’t realise how much motorbike fabric technology has come on. It’s not about thick leather anymore. The other paramedic told me that my left arm, which bore the brunt of the initial impact, would have broken if I hadn’t been wearing such brilliant armoured gear.

I already loved the hoodie – it’s shower-proof, warm enough for a chilly morning and cool enough for a summer day. I sing Roadskin’s praises all the time. I will shout from the rooftops now. Thank you for a brilliant product.”

Is your bike damaged?

“Oh yes. I’m waiting to hear if it can be repaired. It’s a Harley Sports Glide, and it's unlike me! - it might be a write-off. Every bit of it has a dent.”

How do I choose safe motorcycle clothing?

Ian Wilson, founder of Roadskin motorcycle wear, says, “We are delighted to hear that the Easyrider hoodie protected Carol when she came off the bike at high speed and that she is OK and keen to get back on her bike. We take safety very seriously at Roadskin and always recommend that riders kit themselves with high-quality motorcycle clothing to cushion them from impact and safeguard against abrasion. Ideally, this is a connecting top and bottom layer (jacket/hoodie, trousers/jeans/leggings, etc.) so your skin will not be exposed.

Do your research, read reviews and above all, check for reliable CE safety ratings of the whole garment that indicate how protective the fabric is and how strong the seams are. As Carol found, high-quality armour is essential and should always be worn, ensuring it’s correctly placed.”

Roadskin’s top bike clothing picks:

Roadskin’s bestselling motorcycle jeans, the Taranis Elite motorcycle jeans, provide the AAA safety rating in a single, comfortable layer with stretch for easy movement. They come with Level 2 knee and hip armour and double belt loops for attaching top layers. Taranis bike jeans are available in black and indigo.

Roadskin's stretchy, comfortable, and stylish Bronte leggings are a popular alternative to jeans for women. These are AA safety-rated and supplied with CE level 2 knee and hip protectors. Safety design features include elasticated foot stirrups to prevent them from riding up in the event of an accident and a zip that connects to most motorcycle jackets.

Carol wore the Easyrider II motorcycle hoodie during the accident, our rugged but lightweight AA-rated zip-up hooded jacket. It features an outer layer of super-strong Maximite® and CE Level 2 back, shoulder, and elbow armour. It is fully certified for impact, abrasion, and tear. It features a securable belt loop to stop the jacket from rising.

Due to customer demand, we’re happy to say that a new Easyrider version, designed for ladies, is launching in June. It comes in black and has all the same high-spec and safety features as the men’s version. It is cut with panels and a high waist. Watch this space for the on-sale date.

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