Roadskin Motorcycle Leather Leg Bag

£69.99 GBP

Carrying essential items like a phone, wallet, documents and keys on a motorcycle can become inconvenient as these items can be bulky. They cannot fit comfortably in jeans, trousers or jacket pockets, making it difficult and uncomfortable to carry them while riding.

Using a backpack to carry a few items might not be worth it as it could be uncomfortable to have it flapping around while riding. You could opt for a smaller tail bag or tank bag, but remember that they may not be essential based on your requirements and could impact your bike's look and ease of use. 

The Roadskin motorcycle leather leg bag is designed for motorcyclists who require convenient access to these items while riding. The bag is worn around the waist and includes a thigh strap. You can detach the thigh strap when walking and use it as a bum bag. A great feature is that our motorcycle leg bag is accessible from a seated position when you’re on the bike. 

The leg bag is made of durable top-grain leather and features the Roadskin logo on the front. It also has zip pockets that are big enough to hold all your essentials. It is designed to withstand daily wear and tear and different weather conditions, as it has been treated with waterproofing (please note it has not been designed as a 'waterproof' bag).

Motorcycle Leather Leg Bag Feature Summary:

  • Top leather - top grain leather is cowhide leather sanded and buffed down to give a smooth finish. It has been treated with waterproofing. 
  • Chunky metal zips to withstand all weather and constant usage. 
  • Rigid webbing straps for durability. 
  • The bottom strap can be removed to be worn as a bum bag, i.e. not a leg bag. 
  • Dimensions: Width 16cm, Height 22cm, Depth 6cm
  • Length of the bag at the top where straps attach: 25cm
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