Our Motorcycle Jeans 'Easyrider' - Receives 'Best Buy' From MCN Magazine - Roadskin®

Easyrider Motorcycle Jeans Awarded Best Buy from MCN News

We are thrilled to announce that Mike Armitage, from MCN magazine awarded our Easyrider Motorcycle Jeans his best buy.

Mike performed his testing over 1000 miles and rated it 5 stars for the quality and value.

My best riding strides' and 'look and feel like ordinary jeans: they’re only a smidge heavier than normal denim'

So What Makes Them So Good?

These motorcycle jeans are made using a unique mix of 60% Denim/40% DuPont™ Kevlar® - an incredibly strong yet lightweight denim. The single-layer construction, that uses 40% aramid fibres throughout the jeans, means there are no weak areas or patches. It is rare for for motorcycle jeans to be tough enough to pass a CE AA rating whilst being a single skin jean. The result is a reinforced jean that is wonderfully light as well as highly protective.

Find out more about these motorcycle jeans and buy a pair yourself.

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Easyrider motorcycle jeans for men – they do what they say on the tin!

Roll out of bed in the morning, pull them on and keep wearing them all day long. Easyriders are light, comfortable and stylish, and will soon become your favourite jeans.