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California Superbike School UK is one of Roadskin's trusted partners and friends, delivering world-class motorcycle instruction to riders at Brands Hatch, Donington Park and Bedford Autodrome. The UK school is part of the worldwide California Superbike group, founded by former motorcycle racer Keith Code in 1980. It is an international leader in rider training, with more than 150,000 graduates.

Roadskin and California Superbike both prioritise rider safety, so it was a natural progression for us to collaborate after meeting back in 2021. Earlier this year, Roadskin supplied some of our latest protective motorcycle clothing, including our award-winning motorcycle jeans and armoured hoodies, to the Superbike School instruction crew. And now we're finishing Superbike School's hectic, sold-out season. We had a chance to catch up with Jane Adshead, its head of operations.

California Superbike School

Jane, what is the California Superbike School?

The California Superbike School teaches motorcyclists of all levels and ages to become safer, more accomplished riders through step-by-step instruction. It's a mix of classroom teaching and practice sessions on the track, followed by debriefs. Each level can be completed in one day. We try very hard to create a great environment around the school so that it's a lovely place to be and a lovely learning environment because that's the most important thing. It's a school, not a track day. We want people to come, to learn, and to enjoy. It's important to us that we look after people and answer any questions that they may have. We are part of the global California Superbike family, so all staff, including the on-track coaches and the operations team, are trained to professional and exacting standards developed over 40 years. We consider the standards of tuition to be unparalleled in the motorcycle industry.

How did you meet the Roadskin gang?

We met Ian, Roadskin's co-founder, back in 2021 at the R&G marquee at British Superbikes, just after we took over the business. We really liked the Roadskin motorcycle clothing he showed us, and we asked if he would be interested in providing some kit for our coaches. He said 'Absolutely', and the rest is history.

What kind of motorcycle riders come to the school?

This training is not for absolute beginners. We ask that riders are comfortable on the bike and familiar enough with the controls to ride and also take in new information simultaneously. All students must start at Level 1: foundation skills and techniques. Level 2 covers visual skills, and level 3 teaches rider stability. At the top level, 4, there is a personalised approach to training. Level 4 students return, again and again, sometimes to different tracks. The number of students attending each day is limited, ensuring a coaching ratio of one instructor for every three students. Additionally, Level 4 students are supported by an additional off-track coach. This approach maintains a high level of individual attention.

Most students bring their own motorbikes, but we also have brand-new Kawasaki motorcycles available to hire. Some people come alone, and some come with friends.

Roadskin Jeans Banner

What do the instruction crew think of Roadskin's motorcycle clothing?

The guys absolutely love the Roadskin motorcycle jeans. They all wear the jeans and are all really pleased. This year, everyone also wore an Easyrider armoured motorcycle hoodie. It looks like a pit jacket, and everybody loves that too. We've also got Roadskin logo T-shirts, so it's like a complete uniform, and it looks great. It's provided for them at work - at the track and when we are with the students. My husband Gary, the school principal, owns Roadskin Taranis jeans. He always wears jeans and thinks they are the best thing ever. We ride on the road a lot together and he always wears the jeans and really, really rates them. In fact, he won't wear any jeans on the road other than Roadskin jeans. Safety is paramount for us, and we wouldn't partner with anyone who doesn't also put safety first. We love the Roadskin brand. We like Ian, and we like what he stands for. We're delighted to recommend Roadskin to our students.

Race day students at California Superbike School

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Visit Roadskin to buy our professional-level motorcycle kit, from armoured motorcycle jeans to armoured hoodies to base layers, leg bags and braces. We are pleased to offer a 10% discount to California Superbike School UK students. We are a family-run company that prides itself on its personal service. Ian and Mark are always at the end of the phone for help and advice, so you end up with the motorcycle clothing that’s right for you.

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