Bennetts High Performance Awards for Protective Motorcycle Gear - Roadskin®

At Motorcycle Live in 2023, Bennetts presented 13 brands with awards in recognition of their dedication to proving riders with a choice of provably protective clothing, with Roadskin being one of the illustrious recipients. 

The Bennetts High Performance Awards serve as a comprehensive database of gear that surpasses the highest protection standards. With this resource, you can confidently find the right gear without deciphering complex codes and levels. Simply look for the logo. The selection is already extensive, and it continues to grow. And we are proud to already have three products in our range that have been awarded Gold:

Taranis AAA Rated Motorcycle Jean

Paranoid-X AAA Rated Motorcycle Jean

Original Paranoid AAA Rated Motorcycle Jean

We commend Bennetts for promoting rider safety by providing clear indicators for quality products that prioritise rider welfare.

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