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Easyrider CE Approved Single Skin Jean

“The Perfect Summer Bike Jean”
These Jeans are not part-lined, what makes this Jean so special as to be able to pass a CE AA while being Single Skin and so Light is the special denim itself , which is made from 40% Kevlar ® everywhere !!

Due to the high quality special material and CE pass of this product , if they were sold retail in a shop and not direct from us they would be approximately £225

“Believed to be the best priced Single skin AA CE Jeans on the market”

Prior to Covid-19 the planned 2020 Price was approx £159

Special Double Discount Price


 Includes FREE!! CE Level 2 Memory Foam Knee & Hip Armour
Sizing: Due to the special low price at the moment we have to charge a second P&P for any swaps to a different size so please measure your current jeans waistband to get your real size, as labels often tell fibs.

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We can sell them at lower, part lined jean prices because you are not paying for a retailer or a distributor, hence the wholesale-like prices.

Q: What is the simple difference between the Paranoid and the Easyrider Jeans?
A: The Paranoid Jean has a Fully lined protective layer of Aramid and has, a waterproof membrane so is intended for all year round use especially in cooler countries like the UK, whereas the Easyriders protective layer is the outer single skin layer which contains Aramid so is intended for warmer days or when a normal fashion jean weight is preferred.
Both have fully passed the new CE and are fully certified.



This very lightweight Jean has not only passed, prEN17092-3 Abrasion tear and burst , but the whole product, inside and out has been approved the full CE at AA, this means we now include the CE armour with the product as a Full CE Kit..
This is a casual jean and is designed for the casual lifestyle on the motorcycle. They are therefore designed to go with a casual motorcycle ankle boot. They are ideal for people living in or planning to visit hotter climates such as America, Australia, Asia or Africa.
Super Light –  Super Cool – Super Comfy
The perfect lightweight motorcycle jean, made from 40% Aramid & 60% Cotton.
” You can work in them all day, without changing and ride home, Brill !! “
“Believed to be the lowest priced and best, fully CE Approved single skin motorcycle jean on the market today”.
This product is perfect for the biker who just wants a jean to be as close as possible to a normal jean, so they are as comfortable off the bike as on. This jean is ideal for touring in hot countries and enjoying nice days out in the UK.
Customers are saying they are the most comfortable jeans they have worn and with their narrower cut compared to other bike jeans they actually look like normal, nice looking jeans .The knee pockets have the new “No Velcro” pillow case system for more comfort.
This is a very special fabric, made after years of research. To give you some idea how special, one of the most famous fashion jean companies have brought out a special, durable jean, with 4% Aramid in them at about the same cost – Ours  have 40% Aramid not 4%.
Ste Gough – Just got back from Las Vegas, riding down to the Grand Canyon and Hoover Dam on a Harley riding my Roadskin‘s – It was highs of 38 and lows of 30 degrees C (in the shade)…The jeans I was wearing were totally comfortable, definitely breathable and when moving let more than enough air through to keep my legs from sweating profusely in the heat! Top Products!

Seven reasons why the Easyrider is the Best Single Skin Jean of its type on the market.

1. Fibres used:
We can use any super strong fibre on the market, they are all available but because Tensile Strength is only one of the requirements needed for the best motorcycle jean, abrasion resistance and friction heat resistance are also important, there was a more subtle and practical reason for choosing aramid. This is may be why most of the military still use aramid or the best known brand of aramid, Kevlar® which we use. In our real life experience and in-house tests, aramid, when mixed with cotton, in the correct way, still makes the best single skin material.
2. Material Structure: 
You are only as strong as your weakest link , if you weave a wire into a woolly jumper, it doesn’t make the jumper stronger, as the wire is being held by a weaker structure. You have to be careful when assuming that just because a strong fibre is mixed with another fibre like cotton that, that automatically makes it all stronger. It is entirely subject to how the strong fibre is added. That is why this fabric breezed through the CE test for abrasion and tear with ease. More importantly, this is NOT a part lined product, with weak areas, to burst open, It is the same strength everywhere, the entire material is reinforced with aramid, even the pockets, everywhere you see denim, it has been reinforced, as the denim actually contains 40% aramid inside it.
​3. SARS System:
Official Personal Protection Advisers recommended that single skin jeans and trousers should have some kind of barrier between the skin and the outer fabric, to create a Skin Abrasion Reduction System (aka SARS). This reduces the chance of the single outer fabric damaging the wearers skin on impact. The problem is that certain companies making single skin motorcycle products seem to either not know this, because their designers are either not experienced Bikers and so do not know practical things like this, or just ignored it.​ So watch what you buy. All products at Roadskin are designed by a B​iker of forty years on the road and a fathers 75 years of knowledge passed on. So we already knew that this single skin jean would need a system to help protect the skin.​ We have integrated a very light, strong, smooth mesh to the inside of the jean to act as a barrier between the skin and the reinforced denim. The fine strong mesh also backs up the reinforced denim to give it an even higher tensile strength. The SARS system has no guarantee against skin burn or injury but it is surely a lot better to have it in place than not.​
​4. Airflow and Heat displacement system.
The netting ​we used for the Sars system, also allows an excellent airflow in the Jean when on the Bike, it basically separates the skin from the outer Jean and allows Heat to be displaced by airflow, making them even cooler in Hot weather on the Bike. The designer would love to say that he meant the mesh lining to do this but we did not know until customers coming back from America, Australia and India started telling us.
5. The right armour.
No point in having a “State of the Art” super light ,super cool Jean if the armour is not also “State of the Art ” and super light and super cool, so we only use the very latest Impact memory foam armour that is as soft as Marzipan and light as a feather and by far the most comfortable armour our customers have ever had, they say. ​On top of this it has passed Impact tests at the highest level of CE Level 2. They are so light and soft you really don`t even notice they are in, so you don`t end up adding it to the pile of armour under the stairs., it actually gets used.!!! The Knee armour pockets have been designed like a pillow case, so it holds the armour in without the need for velcro, so no more scratchy legs. The legs have been designed with a narrow fit to reduce any twist of armour on impact.
​6. ​Price.
​We don`t sell to shops or use distributors, we sell the products direct to you. So without the Shop or distributor margin in the price we can give you a lot more ingredients in the Cake for a lot less money. We keep a slice of it and you get the rest. We both win. We hear people say​ at shows , “It can`t be any good, it’s too cheap “. They walk off and buy a lesser product from a retailer for twice the price. or even worse a part lined for the same price. You can`t win them all.
7. We are a British Company.
All the designs are from the British studio, we use associate British factories whenever we can, we are currently working on setting up with a new associate factory in Lancashire ​and we also have backup from some of the best factories in Asia. The fabric in this Jean is made in our associate factory that is a major supplier to the armed forces worldwide. Half of our fabric in the last five years has been made in the UK. But the main thing is we ​intend to make as much as possible in the UK and more so every year and employ more and more UK people.
​That is our goal.​ One last bit of advise: If you can only afford one Jean for all year round chose this one.
As you can always add a thermal lining to these in the winter and you can spray it with Fabsil for the rain.
Material Ingredients:
100% cotton denim
Brand of para- aramid : DuPont™ KEVLAR®
“DuPont™ and Kevlar® are trademarks or registered Trade Marks of E.I.du Pont de Nemours and Company”.
Caring for your Roadskin product.
We recommend washing on a cold or cool wash (20° or below), preferably by hand, using a non-biological detergent and then drip drying. DO NOT tumble dry. This helps to maintain the integrity of the cotton or denim ensuring your product lasts longer. Failure to follow these instructions may result in a weakening of the product.
Important Information Regarding Armour.
It is very important to wear armour with these products, not just to help protect your bones but also to reduce the impact of the bone against the fabric in the key areas. The fabric is not designed to withstand impact, in the key areas, without armour.
Important Information Regarding CE Testing.
If a product is stated clearly to have a FULL CE approval it is sold as Motorcycle Protective wear. If a product does NOT state a FULL CE approval and only material test passes then it is sold as Durable Leisurewear, NOT as Motorcycle protection wear.
Although Roadskin always self regulated, most companies making bike jeans did not ie selling part lined jeans to fast bike owners etc, so due to this, European legislation has been enforced ie: all motorcycle clothing is being changed from leisurewear to protective wear by way of a new CE test pren17092. We are busy putting our products through this CE process, but until each product is proclaimed by us as fully CE approved it will continue to be be sold as leisurewear with no protection claims. When each one passes they will then be sold as protection wear, albeit at a higher price to pay for the CE.
No product can honestly guarantee against injury, we should and would never guarantee against injury even with these great products that we believe wholeheartedly in, as it could give a false sense of security to the rider.
All we can do is make the best products we can.
If a customer is expecting a guarantee or assurance of no harm or injury to themselves or anyone they must simply not purchase our goods.
Saying that we are the only company we know of, that makes clear what each product is exactly designed for and the only company that has made the stance against financial gain to NOT sell PART LINED non fully reinforced products.
Which must show people that we are not a typical company that looks to profit first, we are a company that is genuine and cares about our fellow bikers.

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